Jungala Radio is a digital community radio
station based in Calais Refugee Camp, France.
We provide facilitative training for refugees
in digital community radio broadcasting.

Training focuses on communication,
storycrafting, presenting, interview techniques,
editing and post-production skills. 

In building a safe, creative and vocational
space that engenders confidence, skills, and a
sense of ownership, Participants can take
control of their own narratives while developing
skills and relationships to take beyond the
Calais camp.

-Programmes created have been broadcast by
 partner stations around the world.

-‘Journey’ produced by Jamil won a Third Coast
 International Audio award in 2016.

-Two producers have also been commisioned by
 NPR’s ‘Invisibilia’ programme to produce content
 for an upcoming episode.


Muhammad from Syria knows a lot of words. He learnt lots of his English from Western pop culture. He files these words away in an archive in his brain, remembering in detail where he first heard them. On the Wordcast Show he shares his collection with us. This week, an inauguration special.

After crossing the Aegean Sea, from Turkey to Greece, the group of refugees Jamil was travelling with shared stories about their journeys. When Jamil heard one particular story, he was inspired to write it down and share it with people he meets.

Winner at the Third Coast Radio Award 2016.


This powerful programme features The Adam Show interviewing two of the eight refugees on hunger strike in the Calais Refugee Camp. As the evictions continue, a group of refugees have sewn their lips together in protest.